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Shaken, not stirred

LJ is actually the only social platform my wife doesn't follow. I don't think she even knows I'm here, which gives me the opportunity to vent ;)

By Jove, organizing surprise birthday parties is hard!!!!!!

Strategic loo breaks make sure I can make the needed appointments with catering, guests and the lot. Sometimes, I even have to plan right next to her, so now I have developed a 'quick-click-finger'.

She's on to something though, so the last week I've been putting up decoys, smoke-screens and other spy stuff Jason Bourne would be jealous of.

Anyway...another few days...Friday, it can all come out in the open.



Ah, the old days of the dos operating system and the old, classical way to test connections: with a ping.

Who is still around on LJ ? Whom of my old friends is still reading this ?
Feel free to pong me!


Digital Death

So if I get this rigt, even after I die, I will still be blaming



Yesterday, it was Poetry Day in Belgium and The Netherlands. Since every excuse is a good one to post some poetry, I'll share one of my all-time favorite poet: F. Pessoa.

You don't like poetry ? Go blame lotjeisgraaf

Warning: there is poetry below the cut!Collapse )

Let's all blame Lotjeisgraaf !

Yes, let's do that !

How dare she, hooking me on to LJ again ?!

In this modern world of FaceTwitter and LinkedBooks, she drags me, screaming and kicking I may add, back into the dinosaur that is LJ.

And to finish me off, she has the audacity to mention there's an iPhone app as well.

So yes, I have returned and I have no idea what nonsense I will be posting next...go blame Lotjeisgraaf !


He's the Man!

Today's cultural hot tip and dito link comes in the shape of dada and the better art photography.

Read all about Man Ray and explore his work

Hammer time !

De nouveau de retour

Paris pictures and strange comments can be found here !

me too !

joinked from the Tooth_fairy

1) Tell me a rumour you have heard about me

2) Make up a rumour about me

3) Tell me a rumour about me you wish was true

and yes, I should have known better than posting this :op