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If the world is my oyster...

...maybe I should take up scuba-diving.

9 March
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Aaaah, retrospect...

If I look back in time to the day I last used this LJ, it's hard to find things that have not changed ever since. One job later, one house later, a cat later, a marriage later, my first published material later, lots of hair later...

It's also Facebook, Twitter and alot of those later...

Yet, it seems, despite all these changes, there will always be LJ, hidden away in a forgotten corner of the internet. I blame Lotte for my return. Yes, let's all blame Lotte.

So, here we go, anew...

A thirty-something nowadays, a policy maker in culture and arts by trade, a writer and photographer by hobby. Cat-owner, by all means. Tea-drinker with a coffee addiction. Globetrotter, with a knack for the odd destination now and then.

Married, and a ring tor prove it.

What else is there to tell ?